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Simple phonics

I’m posting a very simple resource today, that I’ve used in many different classrooms, with both English language learners and native English speakers. I find that systematic, synthetic phonics activities are really useful in helping children to understand the connections between the symbols on the page and the sounds they represent. I don’t teach phonics … Continue reading

All about vowels – activities and a song for young learners

Metalinguistic knowledge (knowledge about language) is important for all children, but especially for children learning English as an additional language. I use these activities to introduce very young children to the basic alphabetic categories they will encounter throughout their schooling. I’ve used the song and activities with children aged 3 – 7. They all seem … Continue reading

Beat the teacher

This is a quick and simple way to motivate students to learn their spelling or vocabulary words. It’s also useful for overseas teachers who want to learn a bit of the local language. Requires no prep, but does require you to do your homework 😉 Beat the teacher activity guide

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