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Computer Science with First Graders part 2: Kodable and Fuzzes

Last week, my first graders and I learned that anyone can code, and we proved it by programming our ‘robots’ to perform all kinds of useful, and sometimes hilarious, tasks for us. This week, we continued to develop our coding skills using Kodable for iPad, our ever-reliable paper and pencil, and a colorful selection of … Continue reading

All Aboard! A game to encourage positive behavior

I’ve used variations of this game in several different classrooms. The students really enjoy it, and it definitely helps to modify their behavior. Throughout the school day, students can move their team’s boat forward along a game track by showing agreed-upon desired behaviors. As the boats pass markers along the river, the students receive rewards … Continue reading

All about vowels – activities and a song for young learners

Metalinguistic knowledge (knowledge about language) is important for all children, but especially for children learning English as an additional language. I use these activities to introduce very young children to the basic alphabetic categories they will encounter throughout their schooling. I’ve used the song and activities with children aged 3 – 7. They all seem … Continue reading

Elmer’s Colors

Use the classic children’s story of Elmer by David McKee to teach basic colour vocabulary. After reading the story, use a song, collage or dice game to help students use their new vocabulary. Elmer’s colors lesson plan This lesson plan gives instructions for activities that can be used with children aged 2 – 8 years … Continue reading

Basic Shapes

Use these simple, engaging activities to teach young children some basic shape vocabulary. Shout the Shapes lesson plan This lesson plan gives instructions for introducing the shapes song and a quick and easy physical game for practicing shape vocabulary. Basic 2D shapes flashcards Use these for playing the shapes game, and for making the ‘shout … Continue reading

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