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Computer Science with First Graders part 4: Adding features

After getting started with Scratch last week, this week we are well into the swing of things! By this stage in the project, my first graders are familiar with some of the language of computer science and some of the possibilities it offers. However, this was our most challenging session yet, with a couple of … Continue reading

Computer Science with First Graders part 2: Kodable and Fuzzes

Last week, my first graders and I learned that anyone can code, and we proved it by programming our ‘robots’ to perform all kinds of useful, and sometimes hilarious, tasks for us. This week, we continued to develop our coding skills using Kodable for iPad, our ever-reliable paper and pencil, and a colorful selection of … Continue reading

How can I support my students and their families?

Recently, this poster has been popped up several times on my Pinterest feed. First, I want to make it clear that I think it gives good, sensible advice and I’m sure it was written with the very best of intentions by a caring teacher. If all parents followed the advice on the poster, our children … Continue reading

‘A Day Without Media’ – Are our students really addicted to the internet?

There seems to be a trend at the moment among the freshman EAL classes that I tutor for. A couple of professors have assigned the students readings about internet addiction, and challenged them to go a day without digital media. The students then come to me when they are writing a reflective piece on their … Continue reading

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