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Computer Science with First Graders part 4: Adding features

After getting started with Scratch last week, this week we are well into the swing of things! By this stage in the project, my first graders are familiar with some of the language of computer science and some of the possibilities it offers. However, this was our most challenging session yet, with a couple of … Continue reading

All Aboard! A game to encourage positive behavior

I’ve used variations of this game in several different classrooms. The students really enjoy it, and it definitely helps to modify their behavior. Throughout the school day, students can move their team’s boat forward along a game track by showing agreed-upon desired behaviors. As the boats pass markers along the river, the students receive rewards … Continue reading

Beat the teacher

This is a quick and simple way to motivate students to learn their spelling or vocabulary words. It’s also useful for overseas teachers who want to learn a bit of the local language. Requires no prep, but does require you to do your homework 😉 Beat the teacher activity guide


This lesson teaches a vital classroom management word – stop! The basics of this lesson are suitable for very young students with no English experience. Older or more experienced students will learn important classroom verbs such as write, read, play, tidy up, count, and talk. Stop! Classroom lesson plan (including lyrics to the ‘dance and … Continue reading

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