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Computer Science with First Graders, part 6: Showing our work

As our games became more and more playable, we started to turn our attention to showing our work. After all, media needs an audience! The last few sessions revolved around our audience and thinking about what they would need to discover, play and enjoy our work. Today’s learning: Software engineers show their work While I … Continue reading

Computer Science with First Graders, part 5: Testing

Last week, my first graders developed their Scratch code, and their game designs started to take shape. They learned a little more code, and a lot more about communication and collaboration! This week, my aim was to support the students in developing their groupwork skills by ensuring that each group member had a specific role. … Continue reading

Computer Science with First Graders part 4: Adding features

After getting started with Scratch last week, this week we are well into the swing of things! By this stage in the project, my first graders are familiar with some of the language of computer science and some of the possibilities it offers. However, this was our most challenging session yet, with a couple of … Continue reading

Computer Science with First Graders part 3: Programming with Scratch

In the first two lessons of our computer science unit, my first graders learned that anyone can code, even without a computer (and proved it!), and that software engineers use their imaginations to plan their work.This week, we learned that software engineers work together. Working in groups, the students started the coding project that will … Continue reading

Computer Science with First Graders part 2: Kodable and Fuzzes

Last week, my first graders and I learned that anyone can code, and we proved it by programming our ‘robots’ to perform all kinds of useful, and sometimes hilarious, tasks for us. This week, we continued to develop our coding skills using Kodable for iPad, our ever-reliable paper and pencil, and a colorful selection of … Continue reading

Computer Science with First Graders part 1: Training Robots

Today was my first week teaching a six-week coding project with multilingual first graders, and it went so well I wanted to share it with you straight away! I’ll update with future lessons as they happen. My students are emergent English-Chinese bilingual, so although many are language learners, they are not all English language learners. … Continue reading

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Literacy on the tube

The London Underground is 150 years old this year! You don’t have to be London-based to take advantage of all the learning opportunities a tube topic has to offer. Overseas students will be able to experience a little bit of life in London, and students anywhere will be able to compare London transportation with modes … Continue reading

All Aboard! A game to encourage positive behavior

I’ve used variations of this game in several different classrooms. The students really enjoy it, and it definitely helps to modify their behavior. Throughout the school day, students can move their team’s boat forward along a game track by showing agreed-upon desired behaviors. As the boats pass markers along the river, the students receive rewards … Continue reading

The Snowman by Raymond Briggs

This beautiful classic story is ideal for English language learners as both the book and the animated adaptation are completely wordless, allowing students of different language levels of enjoy the story equally. The lesson plan covers several activities which you’ll probably want to split up over a few days of teaching. If, like me, you … Continue reading

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