My name is Charlotte and I decided to set up Early Years English as a way to share the resources that I’ve built up over the years of teaching English as an additional language to young children.
While working as a primary school teacher in Scotland I took a summer CELTA course which inspired me to work with language learners of all ages. Since then I’ve taught English as an additional language to students from pre-kindergarten to university level in Scotland, Canada, USA, Thailand and Korea. I’m now back at university, studying language and literacy full time.
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Apart from the photo on this page (which was taken from my school’s website), I do not post any photos or identifying information about my students or my schools. Any photos of students are for illustrative purposes only, and are used under aCreative Commons license.

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I welcome relevant guest posts from other bloggers. If you have resources to share, and want to boost your traffic, please contact me!

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