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Elmer’s Colors

Use the classic children’s story of Elmer by David McKee to teach basic colour vocabulary. After reading the story, use a song, collage or dice game to help students use their new vocabulary.

elmer lesson plan
Elmer’s colors lesson plan

This lesson plan gives instructions for activities that can be used with children aged 2 – 8 years old. After listening to the story of Elmer, children can make their own patchwork elephants, play a collaborative drawing and dice game, and sing a song about Elmer. Guaranteed to help children learn the names of colors in English!

elephant color vocab
Elephant color vocabulary cards

Simple picture cards to introduce children to the color vocabulary they will need for these activities.

elephant song lyrics
Elephant song lyrics poster

My students love shouting out the names of the colors as we sing this song!

elephant template
Elmer template for coloring or collage

Give your students free reign to use their creativity on this one, and all the elephants are different.

elephant game instructions
Child-friendly instructions for the collaborative Elmer game

Use these to help explain the game to students with limited English.

buy elmer
Don’t forget to buy a copy of Elmer by David McKee!

For more great Elmer resources, check out the printables available from Twinkl!.

Do you know of any other good Elmer resources? How have you used Elmer in your classroom? Leave me a comment!

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